What Kind Of Integrity Is Needed

Today, I’m gonna talk to you about integrity.

And this is important because it’s what makes people trust you at work.

Now there are two kinds of integrity.

First we have personal integrity.

This is your own moral code, the values that you follow.

Let me give you an example. Punctuality.

If being on time matters a lot to you, then you’ll always show up early at work.

You turn in tasks on time, attend meetings on time, and that’s great because you value other people’s time.

Another example, giving credit.

Let’s say in a presentation, you used a coworker’s idea.

You give credit even if you didn’t need to. And it’s because you have principles, you know it’s the right thing.

This is an admirable trait, yes, but it’s not enough.

If your goal is to gain the trust of people you work out, you’re gonna need something more.

Now this brings us to the second kind of integrity, which is behavioral integrity.

Okay, so, to describe it simply, it’s about doing what you say you’ll do.

It’s not based on principles or values.

But it’s more of making sure your words and actions are consistent.

Here’s an example.

For instance, you’re setting the budget and timeline for a project.

And you tell everyone you’re not gonna change anything unless it’s for a good reason.

And then, in the first few days of the project, you end up making changes just because you’re having problems with a team member’s performance.

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Now, here’s another example.

You keep encouraging your team to be open, to communicate openly and discuss any issues.

And then there was a conflict, let’s say a coworker took credit for your idea.

Instead of being open, you become passive aggressive.

So you see, there’s a huge problem with not being consistent. And sometimes, it’s hard to notice that you’re making this mistake.

You may be a good person, but this is how it’s like in the workplace,

You get judged by what you say and what you do.

You see, you’re already expected to have personal integrity. So you can’t just depend on that.

It can help you, yes, but at the end of the day, people are still gonna look at behavioral integrity.

They’re gonna look at whether you stay true to your word or not.

Anyway, so, if you’re not sure if your manager or your coworkers trusts you enough,

Then maybe you need to work on your behavioral integrity.

You can do it this way,

Try to be mindful of the things you say.  Pay attention to what you say you’ll do.

And try to see how consistent you are.

Your coworkers might know that you are smart, that you work hard, and that you’re a good person

But, remember this, those things are not what’s gonna make them trust you.

Alright, so the main take away is this,

If you’re not consistent, people are gonna have a hard time believing in you.

And if you’re not believable, it’s gonna affect your credibility.

And then, if you’re not credible, you won’t be trusted.